My Wishlist

my wishlist items
You will find, my wishlist shows you everything I hope to someday own. But, these are a randomly compiled list of items. Including, planner supplies to things on Amazon, to things for my home. Also, I wanted to share all my wishlist items with you.
Now, do you ever wish you had something? Did you ever have a ton of things that you wish you could someday get your hands on? Well, this is where my wishlist comes in. A girl can dream. Well, I’m a big believer in working hard to play hard. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep track of all those things you long for!
Although, this is a personal page for my own records. For example, if I had similar taste as someone else, I may be able to spark some inspiration in your likes as well! Also, I do not expect to own everything found here. Someday, I would like to receive all the things found here. Until that day, I will wish.

My Wishlist

Below, you will find items I crave to have and enjoy. Including, from my home, office, work, and of course, planner related, you will find everything categorized and linked!

•♥• Happy Planners •♥•

My Wishlist items My Wishlist items My Wishlist items

Now, if you wish to gift me anything from this list, please let me know. I’m not asking for handouts. Although, I accept all forms of gifts! However, I am more than happy to provide an honest, thorough review of any product provided. Including, links to the company and product websites, pictures and/or video, and a well-thought-out review for every product gifted and received. 

Finally, for inquiries to have your products reviewed, please email me at

Also, some links here are *affiliate* links, however, not all of them are. Although, these links help allow me to keep xoxPlannerisms running. These allow discounts to you, and products for me to share with everyone! Please check out these items today! 

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