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Nikki from xoxPlannerismsWelcome to xoxPlannerisms.com – a place to go to hang out with your bestie planner babes, chat about your latest finds and obsessions, and most of all to have fun about all plannerisms!

Hello, and welcome to my website! I am Nikki, owner of xoxPlannerisms.com! I am a thirty-something-year-old wife and mother of two boys. I am a #happyplanner addict and have been apart of the Happy Planner community since October 2018 but a planner girl for years and years. I reside in the Milwaukee county area of Wisconsin; I’m a midwest girl who loves her planners. My favorite stores to shop at are Michaels, Joann, Hobby Lobby, and anywhere I can score a great deal! But, enough about me! You’re here for the brand, the goodies, and find out more about xoxPlannerisms!

Welcome to xoxPlannerisms

So, at xoxPlannerisms, you will find a wide array of things to learn, purchase, and get inspiration from! Not only is xoxPlannerisms a blog, social media influencer, an affiliate for all things craft related, but most of all it’s a sanctuary for owner, Nikki to share all her love of things planner related! 

Come, check everything out and most of all check out the latest at the xoxPlannerisms Shop! We have a wide array of products that include printable stickers, inserts, and even full expansion packs for your planner! No need to spend a ton of money when you can have a custom design made over and over again right from your own printer! 

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So, welcome to xoxPlannerisms! I hope you enjoy your stay. Come make friends, find some cool, unique products for your planner, learn some inspiration. Most of all, have a little fun and express your inner plannerisms!

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These are a few of my favorite spreads for my planner. I use a classic, mini, and half sheet planner for every day use. My 2020 lineup has began getting created and I cannot WAIT to show all of you! 

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You can now send xoxPlannerisms happy mail! Now available, I have a PO Box to receive happy mail. Whether it’s a thank you or an appreciation, a letter, or even pen pal notes, you can now send happy mail to xoxPlannerisms.com! You’ve requested, and here it is: 

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If you love everything you have, then you have everything you need.

When you love…

… what you have, then you have everything you need.

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