Customize your happy planner cover with vinyl stickers and make it permanent with a blow dryer!

Customize Your Happy Planner Cover

Hey everyone, Nikki from xoxPlannerisms here. I wanted to let you know – I did a thing! 😂 I was able to make a customize Happy Planner cover using very few materials. What’s best about this, you can do it […]

New setup for the xoxPlannerisms July catch all planner in my Girl Gang Happy Planner classic size! See how I'm setting up my catch-all planner for July!

July Planner Setup – Catch-All Planner

Guys! It’s here! July is finally here! So, you know that what means!? Our July planner setup, to catch all, business, social media, work, family, and any other type of planners you can think of, can begin! Now, are you […]

social media planner youtube setup

Social Media Plans in my Business Setup

This is my video on my Happy Planner Social Media Planner. Come, set up in my business Vintage Botanical Happy Planner. So, talk to me and decide how to best utilize my time! In the entrepreneur world, I become a business owner and plan my social media plans with you.

Business Planner Setup Up Preview

Business Planner Setup • Talk With Me 06/01

Join me as I talk you through my business planner setup. Now, I never owned a business before. Especially never set up a business planner. So, this is a learning experience for everyone! Also, I walk through and talk to you on how I plan on setting up.

Tropical Life sticker book flip through from Recollections by Michaels Stores

Tropical Stickers from Recollections by Michaels Stores

Now, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t adore some tropical stickers. Also, the ones from Recollections by Michaels Stores are absolutely adorable! There are hundreds of amazing stickers in this book. They’re beautifully colored, most of them in a […]