Plan With Me

How I use multiple planners in one set of discs in my classic Happy Planner setup for my brand new planners. Wellness, business and social media, catch all, and even a block schedule for my to-do list and accomplishments. How do you use yours?

How I Use Multiple Planners in One

Using multiple planners for a beginner isn’t something I recommend immediately. However, if you own a planner for some time. Also, you have gotten into a habit of writing into a planner, then, this might be the best option for […]

My business planner set up for July - final version. Unfortunately, I set up the planner a month in advance and already met my goals and it's already full.

Business Planner Setup – Final Version

I don’t know about all of you, but I need to get my hands on my July planner’s and get them started! I know, I talked about this since months ago! However, here is the finalized version of the business […]

New setup for the xoxPlannerisms July catch all planner in my Girl Gang Happy Planner classic size! See how I'm setting up my catch-all planner for July!

July Planner Setup – Catch-All Planner

Guys! It’s here! July is finally here! So, you know that what means!? Our July planner setup, to catch all, business, social media, work, family, and any other type of planners you can think of, can begin! Now, are you […]

how I use four transformer planners in one - multiple planners at one time

Transformer Planner – July 2019

As most of you already know, I transformer planner all my planners. If you have no idea what I am talking about – LOL – Transformer planners are planners that are multiple planners in one. That’s my understanding at the […]