I love writing about how to use your planner in general. However, I like to write about how I utilize my planners, as well. Also, I love writing about ways to make each person feel comfortable using their own planners, too!

Come check out my planner section of And, you can see why everyone’s talking about the blog! I, not only, share general posts about owning planners, but also how to create new, exciting ways to use them.

You can create many different combinations of styles and usages for planners. Did you know that the two top uses of planning are decorating and functional? I explain all of that in this section of my blog.

Decorative planning provides ways to be creative. Scrapbooking was once one of the coolest ways to share your memories and now planning has taken over! You can decorate your planner with stickers, pictures, memories, to-do lists, or whatever!

Functional planning includes writing out lists that will help you use your time better. Also, it helps create a way of keeping a routine going.

You can use planners in many different ways! Now, I do own so many planners, I don’t even know what to do with them all! However, I show you ways on how to decorate AND be functional at the same time!

Plan with me in my planner and come see how you can utilize a book of paper. This book of paper will not only work with you but used correctly it will work FOR you, as well. Also, you can learn lots of cool ways to make an entire business out of your planner hobby, too!

Upclose version of the actual flowers on the page.

Mildliners for Happy Planner decoration

 Mildliners for Happy Planner decoration is the best way to decorate! I was thinking to myself, “How can I use my Mildliner highlighters in a different way other than just highlighting?” I came up with an idea. Happy Planners have […]

My very first Youtube video is LIVE

Happy Planner Walkthrough for Spring 2019

I made my first planner video! This is a Happy Planner Walkthrough for Spring 2019. Although, I am currently using a three-in-one planner. However, It’s nested inside of a beautiful black card cover inside of expander silver metal discs. There […]

I took a page and made it into a reusable packing list by printing out copies to use multiple times after decorating.

Happy Planner Reusable Packing List

I decided to make a Happy Planner reusable packing list for our weekend trips coming up. We have trips in the next month and this summer!