Happy Planner

The Happy Planner brand is one of my favorites. Join me while I decorate my pages. I will also be writing up reviews on these Happy Planner products. If you’re looking for anything planner related, this is where to check first!

As I stated earlier, I will write reviews for new products. I am not affiliated with Happy Planner, nor am I a squad member. However, I love their products and love endorsing them. Don’t be surprised if I link a few products for Michaels Stores or Joann Fabrics. Because I purchase them there. Also, these are affiliate links. So, check out my affiliate disclaimer page if you have any questions!

To me isn’t just a planner – it’s a lifestyle and one that I’ve embraced. It has taken me out of my shell – opened me up to a community of amazing people! And, what’s not to be happy about that?

After the pen spread for October

After the Pen – October 20th

I haven’t had the chance to write in F.O.R.E.V.E.R!  I have been quite busy with a lot of changes in my life. I have not only started a new job but I’ve blown up with building my brand even bigger […]

Customize your happy planner cover with vinyl stickers and make it permanent with a blow dryer!

Customize Your Happy Planner Cover

Hey everyone, Nikki from xoxPlannerisms here. I wanted to let you know – I did a thing! 😂 I was able to make a customize Happy Planner cover using very few materials. What’s best about this, you can do it […]

How I use multiple planners in one set of discs in my classic Happy Planner setup for my brand new planners. Wellness, business and social media, catch all, and even a block schedule for my to-do list and accomplishments. How do you use yours?

How I Use Multiple Planners in One

Using multiple planners for a beginner isn’t something I recommend immediately. However, if you own a planner for some time. Also, you have gotten into a habit of writing into a planner, then, this might be the best option for […]

My business planner set up for July - final version. Unfortunately, I set up the planner a month in advance and already met my goals and it's already full.

Business Planner Setup – Final Version

I don’t know about all of you, but I need to get my hands on my July planner’s and get them started! I know, I talked about this since months ago! However, here is the finalized version of the business […]

New setup for the xoxPlannerisms July catch all planner in my Girl Gang Happy Planner classic size! See how I'm setting up my catch-all planner for July!

July Planner Setup – Catch-All Planner

Guys! It’s here! July is finally here! So, you know that what means!? Our July planner setup, to catch all, business, social media, work, family, and any other type of planners you can think of, can begin! Now, are you […]

Color Block Happy Planner Dimensions and Sizes

Happy Planner Color Block Dimensions and Sizes

Happy Planner color block dimensions and sizes are easily found here with the full page sizes and all the sizes of the boxes inside of the layout, as well! Be sure to check out these dimensions for all your planner creations!