I took a page and made it into a reusable packing list by printing out copies to use multiple times after decorating.

Happy Planner Reusable Packing List

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I decided to make a Happy Planner reusable packing list for our weekend trips coming up. We have trips in the next month and this summer!

At the beginning of next week, we’re going to Minnesota to see the Minnesota Wild and Anaheim Ducks play at the Excel Energy Arena. We’re headed to Wisconsin Dells to have a mini staycation at the waterpark. 

The Packing Lists

Needless to say, writing and decorating multiple packing lists didn’t appeal to me. So, I created a reusable packing list for weekend away trips. These are just small trips that we’ll be gone for 3-4 days at the most. 

Elle oh Elle stickers from Hobby Lobby Girly Seasonal Foil Stickers
Elle oh Elle stickers from Hobby Lobby

The packing lists were perfect for those trips! One classic size Happy Planner sheet of graph paper from my Happy Notes book,  I decorated with Happy Planner stickers and Elle oh Elle stickers by The Paper Studio brand from Hobby Lobby

Personally, the end result was amazing. A few copies later, cut and punched, I added to my planner for a quick and easy check off while packing. 

A little differently, one of the larger boxes for a timeline to ensure I have adequate time to pack. The second box is for clothing and essentials. Those would have broken those up into two separate boxes. Electrics didn’t need its own box, well one so large, because we didn’t have that many. 

It turned out, overall. 

The printer could have printed it a little better quality but typically, I don’t copy on it.play around with the copier on it so it’s a work in progress. 

What is something you’ve created for your planner that was different than everyone else? 

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