Upclose version of the actual flowers on the page.
Mildliners for Happy Planner decoration
Final Thoughts on Mildliners for Happy Planner Decoration Mildliners are by far my new favorite planner accessory! I absolutely love
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Spring Cleaning Classic Happy Planner Half Sheets
Classic Happy Planner Spring Cleaning Half Sheets
I created these Classic Happy Planner Spring Cleaning half sheets for my planner to mark what I need to complete
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My very first Youtube video is LIVE
Happy Planner Walkthrough for Spring 2019
I made my first planner video! This is a Happy Planner Walkthrough for Spring 2019. Although, I am currently using
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Before the Pen Spread for April Monthly View
I did my very first 'before the pen' spread for April 2019 in my classic Happy Planner. I love how
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Mini and Classic Happy Planner for March 2019
Once again, I've changed my stack! This time I'm using mini and classic happy planners for my 2019 March planner
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You cannot live off Coffee and Planning alone.
Coffee and planning, you cannot live off it alone. In fact, I don't believe you can just live off coffee
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I took a page and made it into a reusable packing list by printing out copies to use multiple times after decorating.
Happy Planner Reusable Packing List
I decided to make a Happy Planner reusable packing list for our weekend trips coming up. We have trips in
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IG Post -55°f wind chills through Thursday.
It's what feels like -55°F outside and I plan on curling up on my couch with a hundred layers of
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Need to learn how to budget better? Why not try Jordan Page’s Method!
It's an amazing program that not only teaches you how to budget better, save money, but it's SO incredibly easy! 
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IG Post FOMO got to be a PROBLEM!
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coloring, pencils, adult coloring, prismacolor pencils, color, coloring, adult coloring pages, adult coloring books.
IG Post Gonna color! I’m gonna do it! Here I go… *gets distracted 300 times but something shiny* -sigh-
After about an hour of coloring, I did not at all like how things were turning out with the picture.
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Myself hanging out in my sanctuary which is a little nook inside of my bedroom.
IG Post I got all dolled up today to go out with the girls.
I went out and was social for today. A little bit of girls time with MIL and future SIL to
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